Despite the funky title this book has very little to do with cheerleading. It’s a collection of a sports writer Rick Reilly’s articles that focus on events OUTSIDE the playing fields, with added anecdotes and whatnot. Definitely not my style, and I’m in love with it. I cried multiple times when reading about some of the amazing, inspiring, and heartbreaking people Reilly came across. And not a single column was over 800 words.


March 2, 2012

“I’m just tired of this place.”

Never really been able to form an opinion about it. But I guess I have to agree. It reminds me of that episode of That 70’s Show when Eric wishes that he never met Donna because he can’t take the thought of having her and messing it up. But when they go to take away all his memories and pain of her, it flashes to all his good memories with her. I don’t know why I decided to post this. On my mind I guess, and I’ve been slacking lately.

Wiz sucks, but,

February 21, 2012

right now this is my cheese nips.

I don’t know what’s going on anymore.
Subway has been the best friend to me lately.
Times are hard, they’re going to get harder still.
But still, things are much, much better.

Hiii. :3



My only wish is I die real. ‘Cause that truth hurts, and those lies heal.



Nerd world praablemz.

January 30, 2012

I broke my glasses. -.- But I’m literally legally blind or whatever so it’s kinda important for me working and stuff. Conveniant timing, though, my taxxxes are getting done today so I’ll have some refund cash soon. Or at least I’d better. Oh also I really want Curren$y’s new album but I can’t find the drops ANYwhere. FUDGE.

Going back.

January 25, 2012

I want to meet somebody who likes the things that I do. I want to meet somebody that has completely different tastes and styles than me. I want to meet someone shy. I want to meet the most outgoing person in the world. I want to meet somebody that has overcome great obstacles to get to where they are in life and who doesn’t have a single ounce of self-pity. I want to meet someone that has everything handed to them. I want to meet vegan, militant, straight edge warriors. I want to meet laid-back stoners. I want to meet people who have traveled thousands of miles and people who haven’t left their home state. I want to share stories, I want to share hopes and dreams, I want to share my intermost thoughts and feelings. I want to have every conversation I’ve played out in my mind over and over again, and I want to remain a mystery. I want to meet a good listener even though I’m not much of a talker. I want to make someone happy solely by existing.


January 21, 2012

“Let’s stay together ’til we’re ghosts.
I want to witness love, I’ve never seen it close.”
-Drake, Fireworks