April 6, 2012

“We’ll always carry each other.”

-Reign Supreme


All that’s dead.

March 17, 2012

“They’re gonna try to kick you around. You better fight for your life.”

“We spent some time together crying, spent some time just trying
to let each other go. I
 held your hand so very tightly
and told you what I would be dreaming of.”

-The Perishers

“Lets talk that sun into setting. Just need the sound of your voice.
Need that calming and the comfort, something to drown out the noise.”

“I’m living, learning, growing and changing, just to find what this all means.
You find strength in what you hold in your hands, that’s not for me.
I’ll stay free.”


“Goodbye to you.
Goodbye to everything I thought I knew.
You were the one I loved, the one thing that I tried to hold onto.
The one thing that I tried to hold onto.”
-Michelle Branch, Goodbye to You

One of those kinda states of mind. Eh. :/ Me and Dougie are attatched at the hip, by the way everyone. He’s one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met and he goes to great lengths to ensure that I am happy, when I don’t ask him to. Also I’ve been getting my hair dyed professionally lately and it looks awesome and I feel so cute and funky. Just thought I’d throw in a positive note or two. :]

March 2, 2012

“I’m just tired of this place.”

Wiz sucks, but,

February 21, 2012

right now this is my cheese nips.

Nerd world praablemz.

January 30, 2012

I broke my glasses. -.- But I’m literally legally blind or whatever so it’s kinda important for me working and stuff. Conveniant timing, though, my taxxxes are getting done today so I’ll have some refund cash soon. Or at least I’d better. Oh also I really want Curren$y’s new album but I can’t find the drops ANYwhere. FUDGE.


January 21, 2012

“Let’s stay together ’til we’re ghosts.
I want to witness love, I’ve never seen it close.”
-Drake, Fireworks

January 3, 2012

Love them.