My name is Lee Anna Wesman, so I’m called Lee, or Leemur, both of which suit me just fine. I put too much faith in society and it continually lets me down, but regardless of anything that’s ever been done or said to contradict it, I still firmly believe that people are worth the effort. My thoughts are composed solely of scattered sentences that I never write down, and essentially lose forever. If I knew how to put together things I wanted to say, I’d be the world’s best writer. Because I don’t, this is the most I can give you. I’m striving for a minimalist life. Any overwhelming talents I have are generally cancelled out by my indifference. I thrive on change and self-improvement and get bored without it. Nostalgia doesn’t matter to me. Real talk, I like long walks on the beach, most things that involve ranch dressing, Edward Cullen wrapped in a cocoon of my love [not really], hardcore, hip hop, and wearing shorts. I like banter and selective humor. I hate people who talk about the weather. I’m outgoing and goofy. I have some tattoos. I pretend to be confident, but in reality, I don’t like to voice my opinions of myself. I believe in humanism and redemption, in passion and in hope, and am positive, god- free straight edge. I am the combined effort of everybody I’ve ever known.

We was young, and we was dumb, but we had heart.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. csdotwordpress said

    Lee, reading and re-reading this reminds me of why we were so close at one point. I can see the parallel structures between our current mindsets, and the realism of it all is like sipping on a good cup of coffee. High fives for indifference and attempting to maintain sanity in a dualistic life…

  2. Thaumauturgist said

    I agree with missannakay, the last line is adorable (?)

  3. WORD;

    love the last line.
    love it.

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