Been a long time coming.

May 16, 2012

Lotta fights, lotta scars. Lotta bottles, lotta cars. Lotta ups, lotta downs. Made it back. Here I stand, a better man.

I’m lonely and sad all the time. Every day I am grumpy at work, short with annoying customers, and that doesn’t bother me anymore even though it’s unprofessional. It upsets me. I like my job and I’m good at it. But I get talked down to every day of my life. I don’t help people, I just serve the same people over and over and have the same conversations over and over. I find no shame in serving people, either. But I need a career. And I will never be able to do that unless I step up my game. No more crap. I’m making changes I need to make. I have a meeting with a college advisor tomorrow. I will hopefully be enrolled soon. If I don’t like it, sucks for me. I chose it and I’m sticking it out. It’s been two long years and I finally am making positive choices.


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