“You destory it and they’ll come running.”

February 16, 2012

I don’t know what’s going on anymore.
Subway has been the best friend to me lately.
Times are hard, they’re going to get harder still.
But still, things are much, much better.

Hiii. :3


2 Responses to ““You destory it and they’ll come running.””

  1. Lee Wesman said

    It is photoshopped! The original was very orange because it was taken in front of a lamp. I like this picture, it’s goofy. Fist pumps, push ups, chapstick.

  2. Will Riley said

    This is not a very flattering image but I think that might be the point. I guess someone could get caught up in the long opening along your front, exposing skin upon skin, seemingly an unnatural color. Do you go tanning? GTL.

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