This dude

December 20, 2011

who comes into work once or twice a week looks EXACTLY like Stalley. And it’s AWESOME.
He told me he’s from Ohio, too, hahahahaha.

Everything’s iight right now. With some Christmas money rollin’ in hopefully I can get a few things off my list of stuff I need.
◊New shoes [my work ones are falling apart so that means my current gym shoes will become my work ones]
◊Rosco presents/ some payments paid off/ his repairs paid off
◊New purse
◊New TV
◊So. Much. Food.
◊Digital camera, that facebook picture is way out of reach right now since my phone is busted too, hahaha.
Umm, let’s see what else is new. I’m a blonde/ brunette/ redhead now. I started getting my hurr dyed and I can honestly say I look much better. 😀 I’m starting to look at college, since I think my roomie situation isn’t going to work out soon enough. My Realtalk group is having a Secret Santa and I am so excited. :] Not sure what the fudge to get the person I got, but I’m sure I can come up with something. Happy holidays, errybady!


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