November 26, 2011

This weekend was exactly what I have needed for the past eight months. Usually I hate Thanksgiving, because I work though it and am not a food person, but this year was the best holiday weekend I’ve ever had. Last night I went to my Realtalk feast and met some new people, caught up with some old ones, dressed real classy, pigged out, you know. Went and did a little shopping for sales with Devin today, had yet another Thanksgiving meal with Kanisha and my family. All in all I’ve been able to put aside the fact that Rosco’s in prison and that life has been depressing. It was a really refreshing and reminded me that things will get better if I let them. College, I’m coming soon!


2 Responses to “Crazy.”

  1. T Scott said

    Good luck and things always do get better!

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