October 17, 2011

“This life I live is fuled by hate.”

“I’m never happy with myself
But living for the downside is far too fucking easy.”

“I will die cold and all alone.”


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Hit the Lights.

October 13, 2011

Binging on The Saddest Landscape, Gaslight, and oddly enough oldschool Sum 41.

“Hit the lights, sever this open wound.  I’m tired of bleeding for you.
So just walk away. This is our last kiss so kiss hard.
 Does it still feel good?
Does it still shake with uncertainty?
You can never really outrun the mistakes of your youth.
This is our last goodbye so make it count.
And was it enough to make you feel better?
And was it enough to make you feel less alone?
And was it enough to help you sleep at night?
And was it enough to stop to stop a heart?”

In other news I was recently sick enough to actually seek medical attention, which doesn’t happen very often due to the fact that I deal with all life’s problems by thinking everything will fix itself if you wait until it goes away. 😛 Had a bad string of weeks. I’m feeling okay today. Things seem less strained and brighter more often lately. Maybe this terrible year will end on a better note. If not, whateva. It’s my blog and I’ll whine if I wanna.

October 10, 2011

Because anger and hatred, when left unfed, bleed away like air from a punctured tire, over time and days and years.

Boy Toy, by Barry Lyga

Truth is harsh.

October 5, 2011

Haven’t been doing so good lately. I’ve been eating a lot but the food isn’t comforting. I lost my iPod so I haven’t been going to the gym so I feel like a fat, unhealthy loser. Some days I cry and stay down all day, some days it’s just a moment of fleeting sadness. The worst part about this is I hate it. I’m not trying to be a drama queen; I feel how I feel and I’m a terrible actress and I got tired of acting like I was fine all the time so I’m just being open about it. Maybe I just need new sweatpants and a girl day with Madeline.  I was getting better but you just made it all worse again. I hate you.