From Myspace.

September 19, 2011

“Hello, I’m Lee Wesman. For some strange reason, I’ve never really felt comfortable saying admirable things about myself. I guess that you could say I’m humble, but I’d say it’s more that I’m more interested in everyone else than I am about myself. I put too much faith in society and it continually lets me down, but regardless of anything that’s ever been done or said to contradict it, I still firmly believe that people are worth the effort. I have optimism that can’t be broken and convictions that I will stay true to until the day I die. I thrive on change and self-improvement and I get bored without it. That’s probably why I’m so obsessed with fitness and the straight edge lifestyle. Other than that, I’ve never stayed down and I’ve never been out, and luckily enough, I don’t regret a thing I’ve done to get to where I’m at. I have been called many things, and nostalgic was never one of them.”

Years later, I find myself to react best according to what I am around.  I feel uncomfortable discussing myself around uncomfortable, boring people. After having met people who made me want to open myself up I came to the conclusion that I am who I am only when instigated. As hard as it is, I am still optimistic and I believe that I can change the world. I don’t think I’m anything exceptional but I know I can do great things because anyone can. I am not naive anymore, but I am not broken. Dozens of short lived hobbies later, change and the promise of improvement have been the only things I never lost interest in. As lame as the straight edge scene seems to me now I still claim it proudly. As far as nostalgia goes, I still look back on events with a certain numbness, but lately I’ve really been missing the way certain things impacted my life. Like, damn.


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