August 31, 2011

During my last day of senior year, the school librarian [middle aged, kinda dorky, nice lady, librarian stereotype] told me with a little too much enthusiasm in her voice that she was getting her first tattoo soon. Throughout her life she had never felt that a specific picture could represent her well enough to permanently design on herself. However, after initially seeing my “STAY TRUE,” “No Retreat” and “No Regrets” tattoos and asking me about their origins, she reconsidered the idea of tattoos into representing something she had always appreciated- literature. She said she was planning on getting a Walt Whitman tattoo on her foot within a few days. I think that’s cool, I think I’m cool too. Some things cannot be expressed by anything other than words and I think it’s awesome that so late in life people still change their views on body modifications. Maybe there’s hope for my parents after all.




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