A lesson about paying it forward.

August 19, 2011

This week I’ve been having money problems. Yeah I’m usually whining about being broke, then turning around and blabbing about how I get so much money and flaunting my expensive tastes, but I can honestly say I’m very responible with my finances. I keep track of my bills, rent, and expenses religiously and I take pride in how far I have come from having five cents in the bank every week. But this week there was a screw up with Rosco’s bills getting lost in the mail and I was informed Tuesday that Rosco was “scheduled for cancellation due to nonpayment.” To save him I quickly wrote out a new $125 check and cancelled the old one. Forgetting that my phone bill was due, and my car payment, and I haven’t paid rent in a month, and I have no groceries. So basically I overdrew my account by about $30 and I was in a cranky mood all morning. That was my whole savings, gone. Blabbidy blah blah.

Around 11 a.m. a woman was getting instant tickets out of the machine. After about five minutes in the store, she turned around and handed me a scratched off ticket. I asked, “Do you want me to cash it?” She told me to keep it. So I figured it was trash and  asked, “Should I just throw it out?” And she said, “No, look at it, it’s for you.” I checked it on the scanner. It was a $25 winner. I said there must be a mistake, it was a decent winner. And she just said, “It’s for you” and walked out. People are nice.


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