Updates and Self Promotion.

August 4, 2011

What’s good with me, you ask? In no specific order: *ahem* I’ve been thinking nonstop, “I need to get out of this house.” I love my parents and I realize I could be a whole lot worse off, but I’m sick of this place. They treat me like I’m 9, not 19. When I throw fits and complain to them that they treat me like a little kid it just encourages their point. I feel bad because I  am grumpy so often. I don’t think we can get along living in the same house right now, but I’m stuck financially and friend-wise so I don’t see any potential to get a roomie or anything. In other news, the promotion hasn’t been awful, but it hasn’t been stellar. I’m getting more used to it though. I do it all for the dolla billzzzz. I’m thinking about treating Rosco to a whole lot of things when I have more cash, as well as myself. ;] I had a good dream that I trolled that douche who tried to get me fired for telling corporate that I am “a racist.” I might do as such, but I’ll save the details for later. Mwahahahaha.


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