18.] Your Beliefs

July 26, 2011

How vague.

I believe in I believe that drugs and alcohol destroy people. I believe that substances change people. I believe that everyone who is involved, socially or heavily, in substance abuse has a problem. I believe in prohibition but it would destroy the economy, which is pathetic. I believe that the lifestyle I follow is best for me, but not the best for everyone. I believe that the choices I have made make me purer than people who haven’t, but not better.

I believe that above us is sky and underneath us is turf. I believe that having faith in unseen forces is never a reason to be a bad person. I believe in humanism. I believe in tolerance. I believe that nothing will save me if it’s my time to go, nothing will pick me up when I am in the cold ground. But I believe that there is peace in some way in death. I believe in raising children in homes where they are taught that no matter what, their decisions do not need to echo their parents’ religion, or lack thereof. I believe that religion is powerful.

I believe in optimism, I believe in self medication and I believe that hate is a good thing. I believe that there is a natural cure for everything. I believe in respect for everything. I believe that the world can improve.




“It’s hard to tell you this, it’s hard to tell you this. Here’s looking at you, kid.”


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