All the sun in the world.

June 8, 2011

I took my time off from being online as much. I wasn’t able to cut myself off completely but I managed to do a lot of thinking. I took two extremes, cutting everyone off and then surrounding myself with them. Neither seemed to be what I needed. A friend approached me and bluntly asked if I was okay. The answer to that? Beats me. I guess I’m never NOT okay. I’ve had bad experiences, bad days, bad weeks, and bad years, and I can honestly say I know this too will pass. It just sucks for right now.

A few nights ago me and dude talked and aired some things out. I made the decision to not hold a grudge and to try being friends. But almost right after that, it occured to me that I still wasn’t satisfied. So what I’ve been looking for and waiting for might not have to do with him at all. Hmph. I’m just really conflicted about my feelings about everything.

Summer’s heeeeeere. I’m getting decently tan. I got my promotion, which rules, because otherwise with my current money situation I’d have $100 to spare every month, hahaha. I’m getting Rosco’s tail lights fixed hopefully this weekend, or at least they’ll tell me an estimate of how much it’ll cost by this weekend. As soon as I can I’m going to take Madeline on a road trip.

I’m ready for some new people but I’m not sure how to even meet people anymore. I’m such a dweeb. I bought new lawn chairs and a fire pit so I can have fires all the time. I hope 2011 starts to turn around. Bye ya’ll.


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