May 19, 2011

As my best friend Tony said recently via facebok, “It’s crazy how people can kick someone out they life but complain when nobody’s there for them.” REAL TALK.

At least I know who I AM. I hope changing your mind pays off for you sometime. It probably won’t, but hey, that’s all you.

I’m so excited for this weekend. My best friend is back. 😀

I’ve spent way too long being angry at the wrong people and it’s catching up to me. I need to clear my head. Separating myself from my friends hasn’t been working, it just continues to stress me out and increase my lonliness.

I’m trying going AWOL from the computer for a little. I don’t have a whole lot else going on but I’m sure I can find something better than writing love letters to people I don’t know. I’m outie.


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