5.] Things People Don’t Expect About You

April 11, 2011

9. I’m really strving to seem like I don’t care. When I say “striving” I actually mean that I pretty much don’t. Shame never got anything accomplished.

8. I forget about people and move on easily. They come they go.

7. My facebook block list is my best friend.

6. I hate discussing “intelligent” topics with pretty much everybody. Why? Because everyone else is boring. ROFL. No actually now I feel bad, that isn’t it.

5. I can’t use a standard lighter because my thumbs are stupid.

4. I swear sometimes.

3. My greatest physical insecurities are my teeth and my  right leg. I walk with a slight bounce (or limp, depending on who you ask) because my right leg is slightly deformed and cannot go out straight. My teeth aren’t perfect, to say the least. And that’s that.

2. I used to have a speech impediment. I slip up and occasionally speak with a lisp, or pronounce an R like a W.

1. I am OBSESSED with shoes. Not in the girly way that requires me to buy a ton of  “cute” heels or sandals, either. I pride myself on how much more I spent on my Nikes than other people did. I try to keep them clean so badly and as soon as they get unrecoverably dirty, I get a new pair. I feel like my Nikes represent who I am, and I’m not dirty or out of stlye, ya dig?


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