March 28, 2011

I mean, Justice probably did snap and beat up that kid and the kid probably didn’t deserve a broken jaw. But I have a feeling there’s a lot more going on with this story than the rumors are suggesting. And even if there isn’t? It’s HARDCORE. Hypocrites. The majority of music preaches hate and violence, but once a band that isn’t SOSF-approved goes out and commits an act of violence people disown that band? They were stayin’ cold. It’s “TUI til I die,” not “TUI til I get hit in the face.” Pansies.
I don’t approve of random acts of violence, it IS wrong, I don’t think I’m hard enough to handle a Justice beatdown, and beating up your fans is a pretty poor representation of thanks, but WHO CARES because it DIDN’T INVOLVE ME. Since I wasn’t lucky enough to be there, I’m left to make judgements about what happened on what? A two minute video with pretty awful quality? It’s not like it’s a video of them clearly skinning live pandas or something. It’s a video of a fight at a hardcore show, so it’s pretty much like watching someone spread peanut butter on toast. And the facebook and B9 bandwagon rage of a billion ex-fans and current fans? I refuse to pretend to stop listening to my favorite band because of heresay. Don’t lie, most of you probably aren’t getting those TUI lyrics tats removed anytime soon.

TUI, I will be honored to have you wire my jaw shut. ❤


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