They’ll sing along and hope time heals everything.

January 23, 2011

I’ve known him for about seven months now, since August 2010 to be very specific. I had this giant crush on him before I’d even met him, which I’ll hardly admit because it makes me feel twelve again. We texted every day, all day. When our phones were broken we talked on facebook for at least a little bit. We like to say he’s “always in my pocket” and I’m in his. He lets me share the dumbest details about my day. I have shared information about myself with him that I’ve never told another living soul, or very few. He opened up a part of me that had been iced over from past generic guy-related high school experiences and made me realize that even if you don’t want somebody it’s a wonderful feeling to have one. Right now I’m lonely and borderline depressed because he screwed up and his parents [understandably] cut him off from ways to talk to people. He’s younger than me so he doesn’t have the luxury of being able to do whatever he wants like I do. It’s gonna be hard because I’m so used to talking to him every day, but I’ll live. He screwed up one time. He’s still perfect to me. He’s adorable. His name is Adam. Words like “single” and “relationship” are self-righteous bull that don’t determine if I’m available to anyone else. My heart does, and I’m not.


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