Small thang to a giant.

December 30, 2010

I feel like I neglected my wordpress a lil’ but I haven’t had much going on to talk about. That, and I worked 44 hours this week so I haven’t been on the computer much for once. Christmas came and went. Same ol’ same ol. I worked but it wasn’t too bad, and my presents were decent so I can’t complain. My friend Bob moved to West Virginia last night to become fancy and rich, so I took him out to dinner at Longhorn. I got food poisoning or something though, sad. I was up all night puking and got sent home from work because I could barely stand. But I’m pretty recovered. Don’t smoke kids, your immune system will be a boss. 😀 My best friend is back from college, whooooo. And so is my brudda. I’m having a New Years party. I love my winter boots but I can’t figure out how to put pictures on facebook using my phone because I am incompetant. I probably misspelled that. That is all, thank you, toodles and happy new year.


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