There’s so much hate, that I can’t escape.

November 24, 2010

Don’t say you hate everything or everyone because you probably suck just as much as you think they do. Get over yourself and be happy, life is nice when you let it be. And while you’re at it, quit calling yourself “depressed,” “bipolar,” or saying you have “PMDD.” You’re fine. Don’t give yourself a fake mental imbalance to excuse your behavior. I’m sure people with actual behavioral problems would appreciate you not taking their struggles upon yourself. And even if you do have real problems, don’t talk about your personal life so openly; keep things private and learn some tact. Quit posting facebook status after facebook status of “witty” inside humor that only you cool trendy kids can understand. Quit bragging about your boring, repetitive college experiences. Stop telling everyone about how you party because you probably don’t go too hard, and if you do, you probably are an addict. Don’t post pictures on your tumblr of models wearing ugly outfits that are considered fashionable, or of sunsets with some quote photoshopped over it, from poets you’ve never heard of. You aren’t deep. Take off your ugly thrift- store-themed clothes from expensive stores in the mall. They look like garbage and you don’t enjoy them for any reason other than thinking you look cute because Vogue told you to. Quit reading Vogue, pick up some books at a library. Maybe let some taxpayer money contribute to something meaningful and not your EBT benefits that you use for beef jerky and Red Bull. Nicki Minaj sucks and so do all those white “socially aware” hiphop artists with no flow who say nothing unique or powerful. The celebrities you idolize are hollow and shallow human beings; look up to people who contribute something. Change the world and don’t just repeat quotes from Ghandi about it. Get up and create a movement. Make someone smile instead of taking your anger out on them. Stand for something because you want to represent it, not just because you want to have a scene. Care what everyone thinks, but don’t let it stop you.


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