In Five Days,

October 20, 2010

I did…
become very irritable at 28 hours without sleep, showering, and changing clothes.
hang out with Tony.
hang out with Bean.
text a lot.
update my blog.
have doubts.
unpack my bags and return my life to its slightly less-reduced-to-four-bags state.
get my job back.
drink Dr. Pepper.
decided to make positive changes with my workouts, inspired by Americorps.
buy an SD card reader so I can upload my few California pictures.
miss my family and  friends in Erie.
feel bad about leaving my Cali friends.
add Cali friends on facebook to creep.
have a really good/ bad talk with my mom about moving back home.
possibly change my entire life.

I didn’t…
get a new tattoo.
die in a car accident.
get attacked by wolves.
apologize to my dad for this situation.
let my doubts get the best of me.
figure out a good way to pay back the estimated $600 I owe my mom now.
find a new place to volunteer weekly since the library doesn’t need me anymore.
run a marathon.


One Response to “In Five Days,”

  1. Lee,

    Whilst I find it hard to relate to the struggle of the average of the average person (I batted .184 for the A-Ball Saraosta Sandgropers, traveling to exotic locations like pottstown pennsylvania, boyne city michigan, and oskaloosa iowa – be jealous), I am making an effort. For example, I demolished a ham, cheese & egg sandwich today quicker than Kevin Costner ruins a Robin Hood remake. I enjoy the time I spend on your blog.

    I am now what the Gothic’s Castle pub in Sarasota would call ‘a regular’.


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