“Let me count the ways.”

August 23, 2010

10. She isn’t a good host or a polite house guest.

9. She respects and likes that I’m straight edge. She’ll fight over MY beliefs.

8. She has her own ideas and opinions. She’s intelligent.

7. The stuff she likes is generally pretty cool so we share interests.

6. For some reason she thinks I’m funny.

5. She has the best heart, and she doesn’t even realize it.

4. She tickles me when I’m on her floor crying.

3. She’s honest and beautiful and a million other good adjectives.

2. I feel comfortable enough with her to let me put my guard down, something only two people have ever gotten from me. I don’t mind crying in front of her or complaining to her, because I know she can see when I’m hurt. I don’t feel stupid telling her my deepest, darkest thoughts, and she doesn’t mind doing the same for me.

1. She has never left anything unsaid. We hardly ever argue and when we did she ALWAYS talked to me about it. She’s never let me go even though there were times when I sure deserved it.

You have the most beautiful soul. I am happy that we spent four years getting this close. I look forward to four more years, because I know we’re still going to grow and become even closer. You were the only thing that kept me from spiraling into depression on and off for two years and the only good memory I have of that school. I love you, Lime.


One Response to ““Let me count the ways.””

  1. thisisfake said

    I envy your friendship.

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