Boredom does this.

August 22, 2010

So for everybody who doesn’t know this, my room’s walls are a giant collective collage, right? Today was my only day off from work all week and after Tony left I had nothing to do. I decided to take a huge step and I stripped one wall, my “friends” part of the collage. For one, I haven’t updated that wall in so long and I was tired of staring at pictures of people who don’t talk to me anymore. And for another thing, like I said, I was really bored and had the night off. That part of my walls have always been kinda ugly and sloppy. It took me six hours to finish what I could, I had to walk to work in the pouring rain to get supplies when I ran out, and a lot of parts on the door still need filling, but I’m happy with my result. :]


The creative process.


My butt, and me working on everything.




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