Life and whathaveyou.

August 5, 2010

1. Generally I’m good. No one cares, so moving on.

2. I got everything worked out with Americorps.
I leave October 7th, to Sacramento, CA, with NCCC. šŸ˜€ Yay!
I tried to talk to s0me kids on the facebook forum so hopefully I’ll make some friends.

3. It’s getting closer and closer to Madeline leaving. I don’t know what to do with myself because of that.
Now I know how she felt when she thought I was leaving, well, yesterday.
Haha. I’m actually glad the date got pushed so far back.
I have time to work and get money and say bye to everyone now.

4. I think my cell phone is broken, considering about five minutes ago the keyboard stopped working completely.
That makes me very upset since I pay for it myself and it’s only two months old and I really
DIDN’T DO ANYTHING TO IT. Guh. I hope I don’tĀ have to pay for a new one.Ā :[

5. I miss listening to BUSH. Glycerine is such a good song.
I wish I had more of them on Schindler [my iPod Norbert’s processor].

6. I caught the new episode of Psych tonight and man, I love that show.
Can I please be in a relationship with Shawn Spencer?

7. Random spaces in this.

8. I feel bad about some things, but only to an extent.

9. I haveĀ one oldĀ goodĀ friend who is trying pretty hard to reenter my life, and I appreciate it,
but our schedules conflict too much and I’m trying to balance my rare days of free time with people who aren’t living in Erie.
I really want to talk to this friend though, and confront her about some things.

10. I may or may not have gotten a write up at work today. I love my job, but that’s retarded.
Because I was only there because they called me in on my day off with four hours left in the shift.

11. Bug bites all overĀ your feetĀ suck, in case you forgot or something.

12. I hung out with my guy “best friend” last night, and do you know what sucks?
It made me realize how much he isn’t my best friend anymore. We drifted, but not just that.
He completely disappeared out of my life for months at a time for the past year and every time I got over it.
I don’t think he realized how awkward it was hanging out, either. So whatever.

13. I realized today I do not have any casual nice clothes. It’s either bummin’ style or super fancy.
Nothing I could wear on a date. Not that I go on any.

14. I like the book I am reading.

15. I still like Dr. Pepper.

16. My favorite person in the world at work is leaving. *sigh*

17. I wonder if anyone is actually getting this far down the list….

18. My mom was in the ER last week and severly sick, but she’s much better now.
My friends gave me some support which was appreciated.

19. good night.


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