Greedy minds deny the truth

July 1, 2010


I don't have the prettiest feet in the world. I manage.

New kicks. Fresh ta deth.

I figure it’s time for a real blog about my life today. My bank account’s ganna kill me for all the above pictured items. No Sincerity Fest for me though. “[ Guess I can afford it. Personally, other than the fact that I was really looking forward to going to Pitt, I welcome the days off. I’ve been working full time and I’m quitting in a couple weeks so that I have time to relax before I move. Also I have been getting in trouble at work and that’s no good. My current mood is absolutely wonderful. I had the best day/night of my summer so far, at the expense of one flip flop which I left in my friend Julie’s car. I went shopping and out to lunch with Amber and Alicia, who wore matching XXX style camo hardcore guy short shorts around, haha. Julie came and got me and we went to dinner for her birthday after that. I hung out with random groups of people that assembled and disassembled as the night went on. We ended up in some cemetary which was cold and boring, but you know, that is irrelevant to the fun. I get to see my friend Sara today. Life’s generally pretty good. I want my Rhinocerous shirt to come in the mail! I also want my Outlook hoodie that I’m supposed to get when they come back to speak in Erie on the 15th. I’ve been reading so many good books. “D Found a bunch of new tunes, got a new bathing suit, made some new friends. And I noticed I started doing really important things at 4 a.m. when I should be sleeping, like sorting through all my oldest “I don’t wear these but they’re cute” clothes, haha. It’s really sad how much clothing girls accumulate that they don’t want, myself included. I’ll stop buying clothes for now… maybe. Anyways. Basically that’s my life. I’ll go back to not discussing it for awile and then come back with all new boring info. Yay.

P.S. If there’s anybody somewhat my age who stumbles upon my blog and actually reads this much, if you wanna hit me up ever, ask me for my myspace! I’d say facebook but I won’t add anyone I don’t know and trust.

P.P.S. I love this chick and I love wordpress users for providing me with such wonderful things to discover. —>


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