“Rise and rise again,

May 23, 2010

until lambs become lions.” 

New tattoo idea. I got it from Robin Hood, ha. Nerd. 🙂 Whether or not I do it will depend, because I’m definitely getting my feet before anything and I probably won’t get any more before August, when I’m supposed to leave. AmeriCorps hasn’t contacted me yet. I’m getting nervous. I’m accepted but my health information was supposed to have arrived awile ago. On the plus side of adulthood, I’ve been blowing through my money that was for my cell phone thanks to the world of debit cards. I pre-ordered American Slang, bought a dress for graduation, Subway, flip flops, went to a movie with Tyler and Logan, and will need money from the ATM for the week. All things I don’t completely need, but decided I wanted enough anyway. Sooo I have maybe $40 in my bank account? Sweet. =,=  Ah well, I get paid this week. For the most part I’ve practiced self-control with it. Assuming I don’t get fired anytime soon, I should be able to cut my losses. Being an adult makes me feel guilty for my spending habits. Perhaps I will change them. This blog is a lot longer than I intended it to be. Seriously, I’m getting carried away babbling and I should be writing a final paper right now. BAIII.



The blood was dry, it was sober.
The feeling of audible cracks.
And I could tell it was over
from the curtains that hung from your neck.
And I realized that then, you were perfect
with my teeth ripping out of my head.
And it looked like a painting I once knew
back when my thoughts were not the leak intact.


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