May 16, 2010

Collegiate Semi 2007: Sucked.
Collegiate Semi 2008: Sucked.
SV Prom 2009: Couldn’t go.
Collegiate Prom 2009: Got kicked out after 5 minutes.
SV Homecoming 2010: Sucked, got ditched.
SV Prom 2010: Date cancelled the week before.
McDowell Prom 2010: Missed over half of it.

Last night was probably the worst night I’ve had in at least 6 years. The service at Aoyama was so bad, we waited two and a half hours with a reservation to get food. We watched tables that arrived an hour after us get served first, and they forgot half of our appetizers, and my entire meal. We only stayed that late because we were all starving. Not that it mattered, I didn’t get food. I have never been treated with such ignorance by a GROWN MAN that calls himself “a manager.” We showed up at prom at 10 when it ended at 11. I sat at a table by myself the entire hour because no one could find me because I don’t have a cell phone. I cried all night, including when I was there. I’m seriously done. My entire dream since I was a little kid was to feel like a princess at prom, be prom queen, have the best experience to end high school.  That isn’t difficult. Everyone else gets it. But no, me? I get denied every chance I get to have an enjoyable experience. Yeah, WAH WAH, big deal right? No, it’s not me being whiny. This was all I wanted and all I had and it sucked for everyone. It doesn’t help that my mom’s being a retard about it. She tried to blame it on Ali and say it has nothing to do with me not having a phone, when I didn’t even bring that up. I hate everyone that told me I “SHOULD HAVE HAD FUN” with that remaining hour. Because after three hours of complete garbage, THAT’S REALLY EASY TO GO TO A RANDOM SCHOOL’S PROM AND ENJOY IT. Because when you lose your group of people and you see no one you know, there’s more to do than walk around like an idiot looking for them and sit alone. This has happened too many times for me to ignore it this time, and it was only not a waste because I did meet some funny kids at the beginning of the night, and because I was with people I never see. I kind of hate everything right now. And I never hate anything. I’m allowed to have an emo blog occasionally, okay? I miss Joshua, and Liv. I dropped off the face of the earth to them. I want it all back.



2 Responses to “DONE.”

  1. Lee Wesman said

    Awe, boo, don’t you worry now. It was interesting story and I appreciate your efforts. BY the way, nice email address. 😛

  2. Josh said

    You dont even realize how horrible i feel every time i hear or read you talking about how bad it was for you
    When i knew you were coming, i thought id be able to make the night enjoyable for you, and everyone else for that matter, but i failed miserably and everything was messed up.
    Im so sorry it ended up the way it did for you lee, i really am.

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