Straight edge goes deeper than my grave.

May 1, 2010



4 Responses to “Straight edge goes deeper than my grave.”

  1. Lee Wesman said

    Straight edge has a lot of interpretations. A ton of people are vegitarian or vegan edge, which if you don’t know what vegan is that means you eat absolutely no animal by-products. I personally drink a lot of caffeine because I don’t consider it a drug, but agin, I have edge friends that don’t consume it. I don’t take medication that isn’t doctor-prescribed, but my other edge friends take Advil and things like that.

    I have nothing bad to say about the lifestyle, obviously, haha. It’d be rad if you joined. 😀

    I don’t have any new tattoos yes, but I will be getting my feet done with a quote from my favorite band in the next couple weeks or so. And then I’m getting a Robin Hood quote on my back! “] All the places that hurt, ahaha.

  2. I like these. I have a lot of straight edge friends. I’m actually considering it. But then again I really like caffeine. And isn’t there something to do with food. I don’t remember lol.
    Have any more tattoos? I’m not being creepy. I like tattoos. 😛

  3. Lee Wesman said

    It’s pretty weird that you’re on here considering you’re a link to and not even a real person I’ve met. I’m also at a loss to figure out how you found this if you’re not a real person. Unless you made it right quick just to troll me and I do know you. Regardless of that creepy mystery, it sucks that you think that about my tattoos considering I got them just for you.

  4. drugee said

    This is stupid
    i cant wait until you grow out of this sXe bullshit when you’re older like everyone else does and then you see how ignorant you were
    all sXe is, is a fad that idiots take to the extreme

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