April 7, 2010

Life’s going well. I would like more spontaneity around me. PSSA started this week; we’re stuck being productive by sitting in the school auditorium for over a month while the juniors take it. I’m worried that the silk for my prom dress from Mood isn’t coming and I won’t have time to get my dress made. But I finally have a date and I think we’re all taking a limo there. “] I made my shirt for A Day Without Shoes yesterday and it looks terrible but I’m still gonna wear it, and pass out fliers for TOMS shoes and the Outlook Massachusetts. It’s been beautiful weather. I feel distant from lots of people but I’m used to that same old sad story of growing apart.  I’m happy. I feel like lots of doors are being opened for me, in terms of friends, my future, and my family. I hope everybody is as happy as meeeee.


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