And if we’re all just soldiers

March 15, 2010

is it so wrong to be afraid?

Blog, I have a confession to make. I actually was holding out on you because I was supposed to get my new glasses this week and wanted to post a picture. But I was just informed today that’s not happening until a week from now. :/ Laaaaaame. In other news, there isn’t much going on. A little disappointment here and there, nothing worth fretting over.
I ordered this really pretty new dress for my friend Tiana’s 18th birthday dinner this week, and I’m dressing up really nice in another dress to go to a fancy luncheon for my Medal of Honor class on Thursday! I’m such a lady this week. ;] I have a large amount of frustration building up due to my need of, and inability to get, a job. I’m suddenly concerned with my grades and it occured to me that there is a strong possibility that I’ll want to get an AS in public relations after Americorps. For the first time in my entire high school life, I’m worried about actually being able to get into someplace that isn’t around here. I hate every college here but I feel like my entire record is too average to even try for someplace in Pittsburgh or Philly. But I think I should worry about that when it actually comes time to enroll. There’s also some freshmen smeezers starting drama with me and my SENIOR friends. It brings me back to eighth grade. Some people should grow up. Then again, I was really gay as a freshman, too, so maybe I should cut them a little slack and realize that I’m gone in 3 months, too short of a time to care. I think I discovered that I am lactose intolerant. I’ve been cutting down on dairy products [I love milk so it sucks] and my stomach hasn’t had half the problems it’s had in recent years.
The weather’s perking up and it seems like everyone’s moods are with it. I prefer the cold but I’m not gonna complain because I missed wearing shorts, even though some say 45 degrees “isn’t that warm.” I say PHOOEY to that. As it gets closer and closer to prom, I think more and more about how I’m probably going to be the only prom queen in history that couldn’t even get a date for it. If I can get everyone to vote for me for queen. Which I totally can. Leave me alone. An old friend of mine has pretty much given me the brush off for his new girlfriend who has had a well-publicized beef with me for awile. I’m over it. I’m over fake friends. Speaking of friends, I’m making some new ones this week. It’s not like I hate mine or anything, but I’m just all giddy with excitement at the idea of hanging out with these two people this weekend for the first time. I feel like a little kid asking kids at recess to play. But no one at recess ever played with me so this is better. ^.^
Basically, I’m real bored, have nothing worth talking about, this has no flow at all, and I’d like something to change my life a bit. I’m just going in circles right now and I wanna get out of it, even if it’s not bad at all. THE END.


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